How Fractal Design Increased Productivity and Make Their Business Grow

Challenges: High Competition, Manual Monitoring
Solutions: Smart Price Check,  Stock Information, and Listing
Key Metrics: 16 Different Countries and Unique Reports

Breaking into the Market and the Background

Fractal Design is a PC gaming hardware brand with a top-three global position within some of our core categories.

It broke onto the market in 2009 and twelve years later, in 2021, the company held its IPO here in Sweden. It’s been a real success story with rapid growth since the start of the company. 

Fractal started with co-founders identifying a huge unaddressed demand for Scandinavian design within the PC industry, so they immediately started working on how to design the company and the distribution channels. And this has gone from being small entrepreneurship to now being a listed company.

Amanda Anderson is working as Global Sales coordinator for Fractal Design and has been with the company for about one and a half years. 

She came to Fractal Design directly from the university after studying for a master’s degree in international business and trade. During that time she was also working as a loan advisor for a bank.

The Global Sales Coordinator compiles and develops all the different reports from the Sales Managers around the globe. She puts together different KPIs and metrics for the Sales team. Listings, availability, and pricing are among the reports for why Fractal Design is using Prisync as a tool for gathering information.

Being a Part of Prisync 

It’s a highly competitive market with really big players that have been in the market for a long period of time.

Last year Fractal Design started to use Prisync. 

Amanda says that sales managers generally make monitoring manually, going to the websites and checking the prices and writing them down on excel sheets, and use them as a reference to where they’re and how things are going on. If they’re above or under our MSRP. That was quite a time-consuming task for the Sales managers. They were checking these once every month.  

Anderson defines her operation part from Fractal Design through Prisync as sort of the administrator role. What she is doing on a monthly basis is exporting excel sheets for each account, which includes 16 different countries. Compiling 16 different reports for the resellers that Fractal Design has. They have their KPIs for the listed products.  

Fractal has pricing that they follow up with defined goals to see the price development. What price the resellers are selling the products at vs our MSRP.  For example, if these SKUs are in stock or out of stock. The team has a percentage goal of that for each reseller. Additionally, checking the availability of how many of the products are in stock and many other important facts that are needed to be considered all the time.

It’s a great tool and we’re really happy to use it. Prisync is great value for us. One tool for 3 different KPIs: listings, stock availability, & reseller prices.

Amanda Anderson | Fractal Design

Growth with Informative Analysis

Amanda says that it’s been really interesting to see the developments since she has been working at Fractal. “For example, we can see how global shipping challenges impact product prices. Then we used the tool to see how this deviates on a country-by-country basis. We use this information to make an analysis based on the reports that I’m getting on a monthly basis.

For the Sales Managers, some of them are technical and would like to work with the tool. Some others are not as active with the tool.  But they’re using the data on a monthly basis to check their resellers about price and stock information. 

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