About Us

We are a young, ambitious, dynamic, and productive team that works -with high tempo- in our Istanbul-based office that has a quiet environment.

Our History

  1. Feb 2013
    Prisync is founded
  2. May 2014
    Seed round
  3. Mar 2018
    Spotlite acquisition
  4. Jan 2020
    $1.1M raised
  5. May 2020
    CompetitorPriceWatch acquisition
  6. July 2021
    Marguard acquisition

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Change eCommerce pricing through data.

We are first a team, then a SaaS startup serving companies from 56 countries. We build systems, design information flows, and delivers intelligence. Our team makes data intelligence available for all sizes of companies. This would not be possible without being a team. At Prisync, getting stuff done is culturally and objectively a team effort.

Being in the Prisync team comes with the opportunity of observing all kinds of data operations and scaling processes, in both technical and non-technical flows. Apply today for our open positions below!