AutoMates BFCM

Wednesday, October 27 | 05.00 PM (UTC+3)

AutoMates Black Friday & Cyber Monday will explain why automation is the straightest path to profitable growth and how you can make the most out of it in the upcoming shopping season.

5 sessions from experienced professionals will illustrate how you can automate inefficient processes and how doing so will help you to boost your sales & revenue.

Who’s Speaking

Chris Lavoie
Lead Tech Partnership

Valentin Radu
CEO & Founder

George Moser
Manager of Customer Success

Burc Tanir
CEO & Co-Founder

Karley Daudell​
Senior Manager of Technology Partnerships ShipBob

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Chris Lavoie

I lead tech partnerships at Gorgias and I work closely with our amazing tech partners to scope, facilitate, and promote our integrations to our customer base, so they can leverage all the benefits that come with using each other’s platforms.

Topic: How To Drive Conversions & Retention Through Personalized Customer Experiences For BFCM 2021

Short Description: Brands upped their eCommerce game in 2020, striving to meet the expectations of a consumer base in search of the right Black Friday deal, but stuck at home.

With digital expectations higher than ever, in 2021 retailers are focused on getting the most out of BFCM by investing in new experiences that support repeat purchases and customer communication. Nothing beats personalization, and in a digital world full of brands all vying for revenue and growth, personalized customer experiences have become even more important. Learn how to step up and adapt your brands multichannel and personalization customer experiences in a post-pandemic hybrid experience.


Valentin Radu

Valentin Radu is an entrepreneur, data-driven marketer, CRO expert, CVO evangelist, international speaker, father, husband, and pet guardian. He is CEO & Founder at Omniconvert, a tech company with 8 years of experience in data-driven growth solutions for eCommerce companies. Valentin is a prominent Keynote Speaker and has presented at over 100 International events over the last seven years, including DMEXCO, Mobile Web Congress, SMXL, Growth Marketing Conference, MeetMagento, Conversion World, Webit, WebSummit, SemDays, Gpec, HowToWeb, IceeFest, Ecommerce Brazil, LMFA Singapore, TechinAsia, etc.

Topic: How to Win this BFCM by Using Your Existing Customers

Short Description: While chasing to build a bigger list and spending more to attract strangers, any eCommerce is sitting on a goldmine: their existing customers. 

In this session, I am going to help you understand how to leverage your ex-lovers, soulmates, and “about to dump you” customers so that you can win them back and how to use them to build a Trojan Horse and attract more customers like them.

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George Moser

George manages the North American Customer Success team at Omnisend. With over eight years of experience in the digital marketing space, George’s primary focus has been supporting eCommerce and Retail brands of all sizes.

Topic: Holiday Tips You Need to Know to Drive BFCM Email Sales

Short Description: When it comes to increasing your holiday email marketing sales, there is no silver bullet. Ecommerce brands need to understand what matters to shoppers, when to send their campaigns, and which tactics are most effective. This session will shed some yule-tide light on:
– Impact of planning ahead
– Show off your value-adds
– Strategies you can use to optimize your email and SMS campaigns
Plus more!


Burc Tanir

Burc Tanir is an entrepreneur, father and husband, traveller, cinephile, Co-Founder and CEO at Prisync. He has 8 years of experience in helping e-commerce companies make profitable and impactful pricing decisions and over 10 years of experience in the SaaS space. He is an international speaker, and he presents at various conferences each year, including Ecommerce Tech, Ecommerce Growth Summit, Emerce E-commerce Heysummit, and Commerce Now ‘21.

Topic: How Dynamic Pricing Can Help You to Boost Your BFCM Sales

Short Description: Since the last year’s holiday sales during the pandemic brought pricing to the forefront and the customers have become much more price sensitive, the 2021’s Black Friday will be like no other. Join Burc’s session to hear why dynamic pricing strategies are important and how they help you to get maximum benefit of this special season. Hear from the expert and make sure you get your store ready for the upcoming BFCM before it’s too late.

Senior Manager of Technology Partnerships, shıpbob

Karley Daudell

Karley Daudell oversees technology partner relationships at ShipBob. She has been with the company for 4+ years working closely with merchants to identify technology gaps that can be filled with ShipBob’s partner network. Originally from Chicago, she now lives in Los Angeles where she enjoys surfing and yoga.

Topic: 7 Biggest Holiday Fulfillment Mistakes

Short Description: eCommerce order volume is set to break new records this holiday season. Despite supply chain setbacks, an ongoing pandemic, and widespread economic hardship, order volume continues to grow. But eCommerce growth depends on fast, consistent, and reliable fulfillment. With unprecedented Q4 uncertainty, how do you guarantee inventory availability, and fulfillment capacity? Tune-in to learn the 7 holiday fulfillment tips for resilient operations, post-holiday retention, and last mile succes.

If you've missed AutoMates #BFCM

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